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Jurassic Park World Brouchure



In Jurassic World, visitor were handed brochures that highlights rides & attractions throughout the park. Besides a large colorful map of Isla Nublar at the back, the brochure also features a list of dinosaurs that can be found in the park. We were fortunate to obtain an original copy from a movie extra for reference so your brochure is 100% accurate! 


Our brochures are commercially off-set printed on 157mm glossy paper & machine-folded. It measures 9.5cm by 22.5cm when folded & 28.5cm by 45cm when opened. The size, type of paper & color of your brochure is exactly the same as the original so you're getting a very high quality replica! All graphics & texts are super clean & crisp! See below for comparison shots & see for yourself how accurate our brochures are!    


Checkout the Youtube Review:

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