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For Star Wars fans and collectors all over the world, you are going to love this fully articulated collectible, unique custom made Vintage Star Wars White Storm Trooper. These soldiers were first introduced to the audience in the original movie, making them a well-loved character in the series.


What makes these different than any over the counter figurine is they are 100% hand-made. A lot of time and effort went into creating them perfectly as you see above in the image. Chances are your average fan will have something similar, but not quite unique as these that you can display proudly next to the rest of your merchandise.


You will be receiving 10 fully painted white Stormtroopers, it comes with a reproduction black blaster and then it is up to you if you wish to include your own model background, or just stand it up solo.


For those who are considering buying these for kids, remember they are a collectible item. Children could easily break them or cause damage, and this is a unique piece you will be holding in your hand. Keep it safe and remember it is hand-made and strictly for adults who can keep it special.


For devoted fans of the movie the white storm troopers are a crucial part to the series franchise. No collection could possibly be complete without a homage to the soldiers. This Vintage Star Wars White Storm Trooper could be the one item missing on your shelf. Sure we all have the costume, but who can say they have an item quite like this? You can not buy this in any store, you will be purchasing it directly from the creator and a guarantee that it will arrive safe and sound. Spice up your memorabilia with a white storm trooper, ready for action.

10X Custom Vintage Star Wars White Stormtrooper ( Army Trooper Builder )


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