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I've commissioned a machinist to build these mini mines with reference to an actual screen used prop. 2 different mini mines were used on screen; the larger 2” and the smaller 1½”mines. Our mini mines are the smaller version which measures 1½” or 38mm in diameter. They are constructed of pewter metal &

the surface air-sprayed matte black with 13 individual custom-made stainless steel spikes.


*Please note that the stainless steel spikes are not installed & you have to do it yourself. All you need is a small tube of super/crazy glue & it will take you less than 15 minutes to put your mini mine together*


I will also include an acrylic display stand with metal printed plaque for you to display your mini mine!



  • Mini-mine (armed) 

  • Cast in pewter alloy

  • Air-spray matte black (Ø380mm)Red transparent dome (2mm)

  • 13 individual stainless steel spikes (11*5mm)

  • Black glossy acrylic stand (145*97*4.8mm)

  • Metal printed plaque (135*87*0.8mm)


Screen Used Prop


1:1 Batman / the Dark Knight mine-mine aka bat bomb (armed version) prop replica.

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