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Jumanji is a 1995 fantasy adventure film about a supernatural board game that makes wild animals and other jungle hazards materialize upon each player's move.


This is a complete and functional V2 Jumanji board game. This is the best and only screen accurate replica made since the movie debut 21 years ago. We have since made 6 major improvements to our new boards. This is a dream prop for many prop collectors & someone’s dream is about to come true!


I’ve commissioned a professional woodwork artist to build this board game for me using dozens of pictures of the actual screen used prop. On top of that, we’ve studied hundreds of screen shots from the blue ray disc and had access to some rare and unseen photos of the hero prop so no details were left out. Check out the top carving and compare it to the screen used board!


The box measures 40cm x 30cm x 7cm and is CNC out of African mahogany wood, professionally assembled, stained, hand painted and weights over 4kg/9 lbs!


What improvements did we make to our V2 board?

     1. The entire CNC top carving is recessed into the top board

     2. Correct number of "triangles" to top & bottom of board

     3. Improved hunter, monkey, rhino & elephant CNC carving

     4. Accurate leaf carvings on both token compartment lids

     5. Accurate (2) CNC side "buttons" to replace metal ones

     6. Super bright 20W COB LED Chip powered by 4x 12W batteries to light up the dome


1. Outer Main

  • Box professionally painted and aged, improved CNC Jumanji logo, hunter, monkey, rhino, elephant, leaf, trees and mountain carving

  • The entire CNC top carving is recessed into the top board & we now have the correct number of "triangles" on top & bottom

  • 2 CNC wood buttons and 4 deep engraves on each side to open box

  • Authentic, screen accurate wood hinge system

2. Inner Main

  • Screen accurate “teeth” and diamond shape edge carvings

  • 2 functional token compartment (improved accurate CNC leaf carving with earth magnets to secure the lid tight)

  • Removable square game board (professionally painted, accurate CNC square and leaf carving)

  • 2 removable game instructions (silk screen printed on real wood)


3. Dome

  • Accurately sculpted, cast in clear green resin and lights up!

  • Dome ring (accurately sculpted, cast in resin & painted)

  • 20W COB LED system (powered by (4) 12v battery and switch)

4. Tokens & Dice

  • Elephant token (accurately sculpted, cast in resin & painted)

  • Rhino token (accurately sculpted, cast in resin & painted)

  • Monkey token (accurately sculpted, cast in resin & painted)

  • Croc token (accurately sculpted, cast in resin & painted)

  • 2 dice (accurately sculpted, cast in resin, painted & different from ordinary dice; position of the 2 center black dots on “6”)


5. Sound Module

  • Light activated & plays 80 secs of Jumanji drum music automatically when you open the token compartment and stops when you close it!)

6. Customer Review


7. Certificate of Authencity

  • I will include a professionally designed & printed certificate of authenticity to the winner to protect your investment!

8. Screen Used Prop for Comparison


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