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V.2s are printed & bound by a commerical printer with reference to my official Universal Studios notebook. The book cover artwork has been completely re-worked by Roland to match the original in every detail. Every letter has been re-typed using the same exact font & color as the original. All 98 pages are direct scans from the original source (the Guinness book) in the exact same order as the original prop. The print quality is much better compated to v.1  Gary Weaver II's friend, Tom Silknitter owns the original Almanac & provided us the original blue receipt artwork.

Our Almanac is the same exact size as the original, complete with dust jacket, 98 pages from the original & authentic blue receipt. Like the screen used book, all 98 pages are off-set printed on off-white wood-free paper. Each Almanac is individually shrink wrapped so they are perfect gifts for any BTTF fan 

To the best of my knowledge, v.2 is completely screen accurate & there are no alterations of any kind  

1. SA Almanac book cover
2. SA Almanac dust jacket
3. SA credit page
4. SA football scores
5. SA Blast from the Past dark royal blue receipt (grey graphics & text)






The most authentic BTTF2 Grays Sports Almanac ever produced 

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