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A painted, fully functional j-slot rocket firing Boba Fett.


The figure is custom-made from ABS [torso, launcher and missile] and PVC [head and limbs]. Pressure-cast in the same color and type of plastic as the original prototypes were. The figure look, feel and work like the real thing!


The J-slot is cast in production gray and comes with a removable red 8-sided projectile. The spring-loaded mechanism really works! The red launcher is pressure-cast from ABS so it is extremely durable so yes, you can fire all you want! It can be locked in place and the missile shoots 2 feet vertically from a compression spring, just like the original prototype!


Using paint masks, the figure is air-brushed by a professional with the same kind of paint & exact same color used by Kenner 30 years ago. As a bonus, I will include a high quality injected molded reproduction black blaster


Custom Painted Vintage J-slot Rocket Firing Boba Fett


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