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It measures 38mm x 25mm x 2mm & is printed from a commercial grade printer. The book cover is 300dpi printed on glossy coated paper & is put together with reference to an original backup cover & the official Universal Studios notebook. The book cover artwork has been completely re-worked to match the original in every detail & every single text on the cover can be read using a magnifying glass!

There are 28 unique pages (scanned from the screen used prop in 1/6 scale) & they are 300dpi printed on off-white paper & bounded & YES! you can actually read the UCLA (19) vs Washington (17) scores like Old Biff!


Our miniature Grays Sports Almanac will be a perfect companion for your upcoming Hot Toys 1/6 Marty McFly Action figure!!!


1/6 miniature Gray Sports Almanac

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