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The original made carded Indiana Jones mini figure. The original Lego Indiana Jones mini figure is in pristine mint condition and comes complete with satchel and whip.


Using commerical printing equipment, a printing firm printed this amazing card-back so it is extremely sharp and glossy. The card-back measures 176mm x 127mm, machine die-cut and it is un-punched! The card images were created from high resolution scans of an original 1982 Indiana Jones card back which were then edited and enhanced in Adobe Photoshop.


With the help of a professional 3D modeling and graphic artist, we were able to capture Harrison Ford's signature pose on the 1982 Kenner Indiana Jones card back in 3D Lego style.


A plastic packaging firm designed and produced this high quality blister and inner tray. As you can see from the pictures, the blister and inner tray provides a very snug fit for the figure. The blister is attached to the card-back using a die cut adhesive seal that gives it a uniform "factory sealed" apperance.

Original 1982 Kenner Indiana Jones Card or Comparison



A fan made carded Lego Indiana Jones Mini Figure

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