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A custom vintage Star Wars Droids Brazilian Glasslite Vlix.
Vlix represents an obscure character from the short-lived Droids cartoon series & is the rarest of all Star Wars figures to be commercially released. In the States, it was scheduled for release in Kenner's 2nd series of Droids action figures, but, due to the cancellation of the show, it was never issued. Vlix was only released in Brazil by Glasslite in 1988 & very few are known to exist.
Our Vlix is pressure cast from an original Brazilian Glasslite Vlix in plastic, fully articulated & air-brushed by a professional modeler to match the exact same color as the original figure. It comes complete with a black rifle (cast from an original Hoth Stormtrooper rifle). All mold lines have been skillfully removed from the master copy before the mold is made so the figure is extremely well cast.  The limbs may be a little loose but this does not affect the pose-ability of the figure.
There are no peg holes on both feet so they cannot be passed off as vintage originals. 
Since the cost & rarity of an original Vlix keeps it out of most collectors hands, this custom vintage Star Wars Droids Brazilian Glasslite Vlix will be a great addition to any Star Wars toy collection! 



Custom Vintage Star Wars Droids Glasslite VLIX

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