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Jumanji is one of the most exciting movies of all time. It offers everything a great movie should have – action, adventure and valuable life lessons in a subtle manner. Collectors and players of all generations have always wanted themselves a board just like that, seen in the movie. There are, probably, amazing collections out there, but some of them lack the final piece - Jumanji Board Game Pieces and Tokens to complete the collection. 


The Movie and the Game


When Alan Parrish decides to play a board game called Jumanji, he has no idea what power and dangers it possesses. He soon becomes trapped in it and his best friend Sarah Whittle is with him. When the game is re-discovered twenty-six years later by brother and sister – Judy and Peter, they also don’t know what awaits them. They meet new adult Alan and Sarah. Realizing that the only way to return home is to finish the game completely, despite the dangers, all four players work together to undo all the damage caused by the game.


This movie is a classic, loved by children and adults alike. Collectors have been hunting down replicas and real games to add to their collections. Families want a great board game to play around the coffee table on a Sunday afternoon. Jumanji is a great idea.


Now there is a possibility to get a real Jumanji board and figurines. 


The Artist and the Art


An artist with a high attention to detail has re-created Jumanji Board Game Pieces and Tokens, and they are sold in a display case, lined up side by side, so they can be seen from all sides. 


There are four pieces in the display case and dice is added, also handmade. This means that this set can be used for a Jumanji board game or any other board game which requires movable pieces and dice.

The work itself is a piece of art. All Jumanji Board Game Pieces and Tokens are handmade and specially crafted, to meet the collector’s and customer’s needs and interests. The display case is designed, so that the figurines can be kept on a shelf, away from hands, or they can be taken out and used to play the game as it was designated to be played.


Made out of resin, expertly carved and then painted, Jumanji Board Game Pieces and Tokens will last long and the sturdiness of the pieces mean that they will not shatter if suddenly dropped on the ground.


There are no other collection pieces and complete sets like this, therefore the value just keeps climbing higher. You will not find these in any other place. No other shop will not offer the same quality pieces

and this level of the attention to detail seen on screen.


They will make a fantastic gift for collectors who have seen the movie and fans who still remember when it was released for the first time. It is an experience in its essence.



Jumanji Game Pieces and Tokens



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