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This is the key prop of the film, driving the plotlines & is fought over by Autobots & Decepticons. Decepticons seek it to activate a solar harvester doomsday device that would destroy the sun & life on Earth, in order to harness its resources. Autobots, along with Sam Witwicky, needed the Matrix to revive Optimus Prime; the last descended Prime & the only one who can defeat The Fallen, the original Decepticon.



Professionally sculpted with reference to dozens of close-up pictures of the original Matrix, this highly detailed & complex prop is pressure cast in resin, just like the original screen used prop! Constructed in 3 parts & painstakingly assembled, it is air-sprayed metallic silver & then silver foiled to achieve the original chrome effect. Measuring approximately 22.4 inches in length & weighs about 1.58 pounds, the Matrix of Leadership comes with a professionally designed laser engraved glossy acrylic stand. A 1 Watt Blue LED is powered by a 3V CR1220 battery (which can be switched on/off easily) is attached to the center of this amazing replica. When illuminated, the blue LED represents the energy source from the Matrix of Leadership.



Your Matrix will be carefully packed & shipped in a sturdy custom made styrofoam carton box. 

1:1 Scale Matrix of Leadership from Transformers (Revenge of the Fallen)

Screen Used Matrix of Leadership

Activating the blue LED switch


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