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A 1985 Droids Boba Fett Recard Kit.


The Vintage Boba Fett figure is not included. You will receive the following:

​     1. Droids Boba Fett cardback

     2. Blister with coin compartment & inner tray

     3. Aluminum coin (gold plated)

     4. Die cut adhesive seal sheet


A plastic packaging firm reproduced this high quality reproduction blister & inner tray. They are created using an authentic blister & inner tray as reference material making them virtually identical to the original vintage design. As you can see from the pictures, the blister & inner tray provides a very snug fit for the figure.


A die cut adhesive seal sheet is included so all you need to do is to "stick, peel & attach" it to the cardback to give it that uniform "factory sealed" appearance :-)


Using commercial printing equipment, a printing firm printed this amazing cardback so it is extremely sharp & glossy. The card-back is machine die-cut with the correct top rounded & bottom square corners & it is un-punched! The POP on the back of the card is marked with a small letter "R" so they cannot be passed off as original pieces. The card images were created from high resolution scans of 2 original Droids Boba Fett cardbacks which were then edited & enhanced in Adobe Photoshop.


Our reproduction Boba Fett coins are die struck in aluminum from an original coin, double sided and gold plated.


Vintage 1985 Droids Boba Fett Recard Kit

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