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The kit comprises of the following:

     1. TFT LCD Screen

     2. PCBA
     3. Rechargable battery

     4. On/Off button
     5. Forward/reverse button
     6. Charging pod
     7. Charging cable (Mini USB to USB)

The opening Jumanji logo + 14 riddles will be pre-loaded, they are:


  • "They fly at night, you'd better run These winged things are not much fun."


  • "In the jungle you must wait/Until the dice read five or eight?"


  • "A little bite will make you itch Make you sneeze, make you twitch."


  • "This will not be an easy mission Monkeys slow the expedition."


  • "His fangs are sharp, he likes your taste Your party better move post haste."


  • "They grow much faster than bamboo Take care or they'll come after you."


  • "Hunter from the darkest wild Makes you feel just like a child."


  • "Don't be fooled, it isn't thunder Staying put would be a blunder."


  • "A law of 'Jumanji' has been broken You will step back even more than your token"


  • "Every month at the quarter moon There'll be a monsoon in your lagoon."


  • "Beware the ground on which you stand The floor is quicker than the sand."


  • "There is a lesson you must learn Sometimes you must go back a turn."


  • "Need a hand, well you just wait We'll lend a hand, we each have eight."


  • "You're almost there with much at stake But now the ground begins to quake."

Jumanji Board Animated Riddle Kit


See the animation of the LCD TFT Display in action:


This Package will include the following:


Please note that the 5mm thick Black foam is not included.


If you have bought our first version of the Jumanji board which comes with the Green Dome. Please note that there is a difference in the Version 1 and the Version 2 Green Dome that is offered here. Please see below for the difference:


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