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The Back to the Future 2 - Oh La La Magazine Cover Prop is on sale for US$17.50. This is a prop from the 1989 time traveling classic. This is the smut magazine that Biffy was carrying around. What's better than a good old fashioned classic playboy? Unfortunately, this is only the cover, but the message is still very clear. I guess this is what teenage boys would be finding under the sink back then? Either way, it is an overall vintage prop because it goes back over half a decade and analyzes its entertainment.


This cover contains the back in the day table of contents to help the modern day reader analyze historic formats, and how these interesting, very fun to look at magazines would have been written back in the day.


Oh La La is a French phrase which has many positive meanings including surprise and delight. This is a cover of the exact magazine that was around back then and that Biff brought to the Enchantment under the sea dance. It can be yours for only $17.50 now! The table of contents is written in French. It's always pretty awesome to own a piece of history and a movie prop at the same time. 

Back to the Future 2 - Oh La La Magazine Cover Prop



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