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Note that this is the same Jumanji Replica Board except that this comes installed with the TFT LCD display. The TFT LCD Display comes installed with the animated riddles as seen in the actual Jumanji Movie!


This replica is a must have for all the Jumanji fans out there!


Below is what you will get when you purchase this option:

JUMANJI Board GAME (PROP REPLICA) - With TFT LCD Display preloaded with Animated Riddles

Item #1 : Wooden Jumanji Board installed with TFT LCD Screen

Item #2 : Hollow Green Acrylic Dome with Ring and Installed onto the Wooden Center Board


Item #5 : Certificate of Authencity

Item #4 : Token and Dices

Item #3 : 2 Wooden Side Instructions

Video of TFT LCD Screen in action:

Video of detailed animated riddles:

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