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Pizza Hut the largest pizza chain internationally comes with an innovation worthy of the technological age in which every object , seemingly trivial, can be a smart gadget . The foil bag needed effect "wow" but also a place where this effect to be appreciated at their true value. The original pizza foil bag was created in the science fiction trilogy Back to the Future, a vibrant piece in the classic 1980’s. 


Most people do not eat dehydrated pizza , or any other dehydrated foods , like seen in the science fiction Back in the Future Part II. It is known that astronauts have their food dehydrated and when they add water , the food will expand. This bag was custom made for the production of the film , to be used by Lea Thompson (“Lorraine Mcfly” in the movie ) when she is cooking a pizza in the kitchen. It is a 5.5 inch square foil bag with Pizza Hut printed on it.


According to Pizza Hut wrapper “ Do Not Consume Unless Fully Rehydrated” it’s dangerous to consume a dehydrated pizza because it will rehydrate in the stomach. This Pizza Hut bag was seen at the Mcfly house in Back in the Future Part II. It contained a small pizza(size of a cookie) and after it was rehydrated it turned into a full size 15 inch pizza.(half-pepperoni and half-green pepper ).

In Back to the Future Part II , the Mcfly family consumed such a pizza, and in an interview Marty Mcfly Jr said that a person could consume a dehydrated pizza without rehydrate it. If you wish to obtain additional information and a more detailed description about this product please visit our website Pizza Hut Foil Bag.


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Back to the Future 2 - Pizza Hut Foil Bag Prop



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