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Custom Vintage Kit Bashed Rocket Firing Boba Fett + Display Box & Figure Stand


Many collectors will be familiar with the legendary "kit-bashed" Boba Fett prototype as it has been depicted in most 20-back cards, vinyl collector's case & the 1979 January/February Kenner product catalog.

What is of great interest about this prototype is that it's actually a composite of several body parts culled from the 20 figures existing at that time, namely, the Stormtrooper (arms), Death Squad Commander (legs) & C3PO (torso). The backpack was taken from a Shogun Warriors toy. So far the collecting community has not been able to track down this original prototype & many believe they may have been destroyed :(

Due to the figure’s complexity & with only a handful of photography of the original prototype available, no one has been able to professionally replicate this figure till now. Over 2 years of hard work has been spent to re-create this masterpiece & this is your chance to add this legendary figure to your collection!

 Boba Fett is injection molded in ABS (torso, backpack, rocket launcher, rockets (rounded & wicked tip), firing tab & range finder) & PVC (head and limbs) in the exact same color & type of plastic as the original prototype. Your kit-bashed Boba Fett is made up of 16 individual parts & you don’t see this many in a single 3¾” action figures these days! 

There are a total of 9 different colors on the kit-bashed Boba Fett, using professionally made paint masks; the figure is then air-brushed to match the colors & kind of paint used by Kenner 37 years ago! As far as the paint goes, it's quite complex- the back of the left hand has a black circled "X". The backpack & jet pods too has a fair amount of colors, the boots even have 4 stripes on each foot which has been faithfully reproduced!

Your kit-bashed Boba Fett comes with 2 different removable red projectiles. The spring-loaded mechanism really works; both missiles can be locked in place and fires 2 feet vertically from 2 compression springs! The rocket launcher & firing tab is injection molded in ABS so they are extremely durable so yes, go ahead & fire all you want!

A close-up shot of our pre-assembled rocket launcher, the all-important firing mechanism is made up of 5 components; front and back rocket launcher, firing tab and 2 springs! 

Our kit-bashed Boba Fett looks, feels and works like the real thing!


As a bonus, we will include a high quality ABS injected molded reproduction black blaster, display box & figure stand :-) 

Our kit-bashed Boba Fett has been featured at Rebelscum & here are some studio quality shots :-)

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