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A REPRINT of the Star Wars Insider Fan Club Exclusive Vintage Kenner Action Figure Poster (1978-1985)


The original poster was offered back in 2000/2001 & has since been sold out & discontinued. The poster is huge, measures 36x24cm with 131 images of Kenner Star Wars action figures that were released between 1978-1985 which includes major variations. 


Our posters are off-set printed with reference to an original I own on 240gsm coated glossy paper; the same type & weight as the original. The entire poster was scanned from an industrial electrotocogram scanner to produce the best results. 


The print quality & color matches the original almost 99.9% & it is nearly impossible to differentiate the 2 unless you have the original to compare.Because of this, a "REPRINT" will be stamped at the back of the poster so they cannot be passed off as original pieces




Star Wars Insider Fan Club Vintage Kenner Figure Poster - 36" X 24"

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