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Jurassic Park World Scan Band




A set of 4 Jurassic World Bracelet Scanbands (white, black, blue & orange).


In Jurassic World, visitor's bracelet scanbands allows VIP access to all rides and attractions throughout the park. We were fortunate to obtain an original set of 4 color scanbands from a movie extra for reference so your bands are 100% accurate in terms of size, texture and color! 


Our scanbands are professionally made of soft silicone rubber & measures 8.5 inch long & 1 inch wide. It wraps around your wrist & will fit just about any wrist size. Like the original, the dino logo is recessed into the band & filled up glossy white/dark blue paint. The back of your scanband has a checkered pattern, just like the original! See below for pictures of original scanbands posted by movie extras on social media so you can compare & see how accurate our bands are!     


Buy now so the whole family can wear them!

Screen Used Prop


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