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The coin is professionally cast in metal and plated. It measures 29mm x 3mm and is made with reference to an original 1936 German Coin.


Young Eric Lehnsherr, just beginning to manufest his mutant abilities, sees his mother executed by Sebastian Shaw when he is unable to move this coin with his mind on command. Years later, Eric takes his vengence on Shaw using the same coin, and shortly thereafter assumes the identity of Magneto.


The coin seen in the film is meant to be the reverse of a 5 Reichsmark piece, although with changes from the real German currency. First, the design with the reichseagle and swastika first appeared in 1936, but the coin is dated 1934. Second, the movie coin has deeper engraving than the real coins, resulting in prominent shadows accentuating the surface details onscreen. This replica recreates those changes. The obverse or "heads" side of a real 5 Reichsmark coin bears the profile of former German President Paul Von Hindenburg. This can also be seen to be the case with the onscreen coin very briefly in one scene. However, an animated title sequence just after the concentration camp scene portrayed the other side of the coin as bearing the movie logo, and that image has been used for this replica



Custom made Magneto Nazi coin from X-Men First Class


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