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Back to the Future 2 - Pizza Hut Pizza + Foil Bag Prop


When you watch Back to the Future certain things stick out about it plot, great storytelling, and the insanely close attention to detail they paid to their props. Seriously, let’s look at some of the list: hover-boards, power lace shoes, and even a minor piece like the dehydrated Pizza Hut pizza.


This replica Pizza Hut dehydrated pizza comes straight from the science fiction film Back to the Future II and is sure to give you a nostalgia trip back to the first time that you saw the movie. We all remember the classic scene of older Lorraine McFly ripping the foil bag open with her mouth as she prepares to cook the pizza for the whole family in a Black & Decker hydrator released in 2015 in the movie universe. This innovation would surely be a hit even in todays culture of super fast-food as it rehydrated in 2 seconds. 2 seconds! Could you imagine!


The pizza itself is about the size of a cookie at 3.5” and looks so authentic that you might consider taking a bite. The details are matched exactly with the green peppers, pepperoni and cheese that was in the original. But unless you have a Black & Decker dehydrator you need to resist the urge take that bite. Because that wouldn’t be advisable for your health, as this piece of memorabilia was crafted by a professional artificial food manufacturer. And I don’t think Doc would be there to help you recover from this one.


The foil bag is complete with artwork that matches the original in every detail. This even includes the texture and thickness of the bag to match the prop. The design was printed by a professional in order to match up exactly to the original used in the movie. No detail was left untouched as we designed the perfect gift for any Back to the Future enthusiast. 

Back to the Future 2 - Pizza Hut Pizza + Foil Bag Prop




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