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There are many things that stick out about the plot of Back to The Future, its amazing story, all the attention that is paid to every single detail and superb acting. In this all, there is one small which is just very hard to forget and that is the dehydrated Pizza Hut pizza with half green pepper and half pepperoni. 

As a treat for the fans of the great movie, Pizza Hut also introduced the replica of this pizza just to put you back into the memory lanes. The Back to the Future 2 Pizza Prop is just the size of a cookie, but looks so true that you may want to take a bite. But if you do not have a dehydrator you will have to resist your urge. 

Details of the Back to the Future 2 Pizza Prop are exactly similar with green pepper, cheese and pepperoni decorated in similar way as it was in the movie. Not a single detail was left untouched which makes this a perfect gift for all the movie fans. The design was designed by a professional so that each and every detail matches the original pizza which was used in the movie. 

Back to the Future 2 - Pizza Hut Pizza



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