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Jurassic Park Tour Brouchure


This is a replica of the actual tour brochure from Jurassic Park. These were seen throughout the movie, and at one point, Dr. Grant is even holding one of them. There are some screen-used brochures floating around out there, but they usually go for over $1000.Several years ago, a member on the RPF named Ashfrank did a run of these brochures and they were basically a reprinted scan of a screen-used brochure. As far as I know, he was the only one to do a run of these brochures in the correct size. But as many of you know who own one of these (myself included), the print is not very sharp (being just a scan), and they have seriously faded over time.There is a commonly available scan of a screen-used brochure floating around out there. Upon closer inspection, I realized this is the same scan that Ashfrank used to do his brochures. There's two problems with this scan. First, it’s highly compressed and the quality is poor. It's full of JPEG artifacts, moire lines, and it's seriously desaturated and the colors are all skewed. Second, it's so large that it cannot be printed in its entirety on a digital press. In order to print one of these yourself, you would have to shrink it down (which many people do, hence all the undersized brochure replicas out there), or you would have to print them on a commercial large format offset printing press.Well, I've solved both these problems for you! I have recreated the entire brochure from top to bottom. All graphics and text (including the Japanese text) have been recreated in vector format. I have found a higher res example of the Jurassic Park gate painting used on the brochure and replaced the one that's currently on there. I've repainted several of the photographic elements like the Kodak film box to be nice and clean. The map painting on the back was reconstructed from several different sources to create a new image that's clean and saturated. Any photos that I could not recreate have been color corrected and enhanced. You can see for yourself in the comparison photos I posted.My brochures are printed on 100 lbs gloss paper on a commercial offset printing press and are machine folded (Ashfrank folded his by hand). As you know, the setup for commercial offset printing is expensive, but it's the only way to print something of this size in large quantities. It's also the only way to get this thing looking like a commercial brochure. If you’re planning on getting one of these printed yourself from the full-sized scan, be prepared to buy at least 500 of them and pay approximately $1000 (one quote I had was actually closer to $1200).


So, to sum up, here are the features:     

     1. Totally redesigned brochure graphic; clean, crisp, and saturated.      

     2. ACCURATE SIZE! (8 ¼” x 3 ¾”)     

     3. Commercial quality offset print     

     4. Machine folded

Some High Resolution Comparison Shots



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